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A drop of water pleads with humanity to stop drinking bottled water, with clever lyrics and a driving rock groove.
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Matt Loosigian / Earth Jams — Do Not Bottle Me
Release date : Dec. 01, 2011
Label : Earth Jams
  1. Do Not Bottle Me

Do Not Bottle Me

Album Notes

I wrote this song out of a long held frustration with the over use of bottled water. This natural resource should not be a commodity that big corporations make money from. It doesn’t make sense that they suck it out from under our feet and sell it back to us. Finally, reading the book, Bottled and Sold, by Peter Gleick inspired me to write the song.

I recorded it with Ed Desjardins in Readfield, Maine, and Ed did all the instrumentals in the recording. He even sampled some flowing water behind his house for the fade at the end of the song.

I am really pleased with the way the tune turned out. I think it has some real anger and righteousness behind it, but it manages to stay fun and clever without being preachy.

This is definitely a danceable tune with good arc and energy flow. I hope listeners will enjoy and share with their friends.