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Dan Garnett

Dan Garnett

Today I am enjoying listening to the music of Dan Garnett. The story of my finding this music is really cool.

A few weeks ago I was walking home from work in the cold, and from the other direction an affable looking guy in a cap and a trench coat, also walking, hailed me. He was staying with a neighbor, his cousin, for a few days, and he had heard that I was a fellow musician.

Right away I felt the spark you get from someone who has transcended the material world and the grind. The lightness to him, his twinkly eyes, and his vibrance made me like him immediately. He travels around a lot, he told me, and was planning to travel to Spain for a walking pilgrimage and then to India.

On a whim I invited him to a singing thing that night, and we had a great time together. Finally I’m getting a chance to listen to his album, which he pulled out of his pocket and gave to me. I am really smitten with his present, emotive, and creative melodies and harmonies. His themes of finding yourself, opening to happiness, generosity, and his spiritual musings are refreshing, and lovely.

It turns out he gives his music away online too. Enjoy his albums, and then pay forward his generosity.

Now Dan is doing what he is usually doing, traveling on. Two thumbs up for this contemporary Woody Guthrie.

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